Churches have lost legions of men this year to the Football season. Your church numbers are down, you want to find a way to bring them back. Now you can! Offer the same level of excitement with Fantasy Church League. No longer will your congregants stay at home to watch the game to see how their players are doing. They'll be at your service, front and center, to make sure they get every amen and altar call stat they need for a winning season!

Draft Day Features

p1Tier rankings

You couldn't ask for a better draft day tool than Gregg Rosen's tiered rankings for every position. Are the Episcopalian's ready this year?

w1Coach Speak

Grace Central Baptist has put together another winning line-up. It's hard to pass up the Pastor, Worship Lead and Deacon trio they have.

w2Draft Strategy

Bruce Chant reviews the strong career of worship leader Jim Joss. Is he draft gold?


Who will be the better fantasy Pastor: Julie Anderson or Tatum Bell? Roger Rotter and Greg Rosen debate.

New Faces in New Places

Fantasy stars like Oakland's Mike Jones (Pastor) are looking to repeat their success despite switching churches. Others, such as Jordan Lewis, are hoping to flourish on their new church team.

Name Pos New Church Old Church Rank
Mike Jones P First Baptist Oakland Southern Baptist of Telegraph 1
Mack Johnson P Ascension Catholic Church Holy Moses 4
Amy Mace WL Praise Him Church Sutton FourSquare 12

Rookie Rankings

rookieDrafting rookies pastors is risky, but we’ve spotted the best ones, such as Miami’s Ronnie Brown at Central Church of God. Usually, fresh-faced pastors are a only viable fantasy option for their low cost. However, after last year’s rookie worship leaders exceeded expectations, this year’s class, including Detroit’s Mike Williams, may impact fantasy.