Jim Joss, Worship Leader

The evergreen Jim Joss continues to defy his advancing ages and the up and coming generation of worship leaders to serve his congregation with heartfelt, sensitive, worship. And for fantasy leaguers it’s good news as the point keep coming.

The cagey veteran of over thirty years service in worship took on a new lease on life after his move to Green Hills Community Church after a long and distinguished tenure as lay worship leader at Cavary Chapel North Reddington, Ca. A product of the Jesus People movement of the early seventies Joss still retains the radical hippy edge and simple devotion to Christ that made Don Fransisco and Keith Green christian listening favourites for years.

Recently Joss reached a memorable milestone, he lead worship for his 1500 service.

“I believe the Lord has taken us on an incredible journey, man” the laconic Joss told me at the church sanctuary last week, “what he’s done in my heart I want to let everyone else in on. That’s the power of His love man. To reach 1500 is a great honour, but it’s not about individual honours, it’s about the King” as he lifted his eyes skyward and pointed to the ceiling.

And he shows no signs of slowing down. The congregants love his style and the stats show it. The tie-dyed Joss can be counted on to consistantly produce from behind the microphone coming off an excellent 2004/05 season with team highs in Songs Lead (SL), Arms Raised (AR), Eyes Closed (EC) as well as logging big mic minutes.

Jim Joss, maybe old fashioned but he is a smart Fantasy buy.