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Rick “Helps” Patinski, Deacon 

If you’re looking for an under-rated performer to round out your list, Rick “Helps” Patinski is your man. In some circles Patinski would be looked at as a somewhat of a journeyman but smart fantasy church buyer are looking beyond individual brilliance and towards multi-role team players, adding value to their fellowship by competently plugging gaps as they arise. 

Pinch-hitting nothing new to Patinski, in fact he excels at it. 

In the past season Patinski was been used in a variety of roles, invariably with great success. He was pinch-hit as a greeter, Sunday school teacher, church picnic organiser but his crowning glory came in late March 2005 at the men’s retreat. Filling in the ill Men’s Fellowship director Patinski held an altar call and saw 7 men re-commit their lives to the Lord.  

The seven RCO (Re-Commitments) was not only a team high for Grace Fellowship in 2004/05, but the seven ACR (Altar Call Respondees) was a team high too, highlighting the value of this role player to his team. 

But as his name suggests, Patinski name has been made as a helper 

“Yeah, whenever the Pastor calls for a busy bee, I’m there with bells on. Renovating the nursery, I’m there. Fixing the hymnal board, I’ve done that. One short on ushering, I can do it. Heck I’ll even fix the flowers if you’re really desperate”, he chuckles, “I’ll do what needs to be done, you know. I guess like my name says helps. I just love to be a help. If it means it makes a difference for the kingdom, then it aint too much to ask” 

The Bennett, OK native is a highly versatile member of this local body, a fantastic locker room influence and a valuable role player to any church star. 

Draft Insight Provided by Bruce Chant

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