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Ryan O’Keefe, Youth Pastor 

Keefer, as he is known, is part of the new breed. Possessing lightning verbal reflexes to go with an intimidating and athletic stature of 6”3’ 200 lb, the youth pastor from Morgan, OH, is not likely to back away from tell you how it is. 

“One thousand” he says emphasising the “ou” to make sure I heard it, “we’ll be running one thousand by next summer. Guaranteed.” 

There is no doubt O’Keefe is a young prospect with tremendous upside potential. The swagger, the confidence, the charisma he was known around Morgan as “The Package”. 

O’Keefe burst onto the scene last season displaying a tremendous ability to gather a crowd. His VPW (Visitors per week) were at phenomenal levels, but it was his VRR (Visitor Return Ratio’s) that had people talking.  

If growth talks in Christian circles, fast growth yells and O’Keefe has been doing plenty fo yelling of late with exponential first year growth in charge of Morgan’s First Baptist Church youth ministry. Not unanimous Rookie of the Year, but also a first up All-star, O’Keefe has attracted his fair of fans and critics. 

There have been rumblings that O’Keefe and Senior Pastor Brian Silvano have not always seen eye to eye, casting the pall of “loose-cannon”, “unteachable”, and “has an attitude” over ‘the Package’.  

Is it internal politics? Jealous? Or something more? Time will tell. O’Keefe record speaks for itself, he has tremendous upside potential but the flags are out on this single, brash up and comer. 

Draft Insight Provided by Bruce Chant

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